N_SF Products Coordinator – Mumbai, Maharashtra – Mancini Enterprises

November 21, 2022

Job Description

Job title: N_SF Products Coordinator

Company: Mancini Enterprises

Job description: Job Description:


We are always looking for passionate product designers who find our work interesting and appreciate operating at the intersection of design,cultural understanding and rigorous practical and technical refinement .

According to the current vacancy and your profile we would review your application for possible positions. Do let us know the key details like your educational details ( professional degree and schools) , your professional experiences ( details of the firms you have worked with ) along with your key skills.

Kindly use the link on our website for opportunities and share your resume and portfolio with us and we will surely revert shortly.


Since 2004 the team works on corporate/institutional and private commissions of architectural and/or interior nature. In the recent years landscape design has been part of number of larger projects too.

Design process seeks to amalgamate the project aspirations with demands of context and the rules of the art. While this process is over-arched by the concern for the ecological and cultural well being it dwells naturally on a deep interest in the history of the built environment, the critical appreciation of the arts as much as on sound engineering. The practise is aware that the diversity of the commissions and its generalist approach places above the average demands on the team and simultaneously allows for connotations and learnings which can not be enjoyed in more specialist environments.

Consequently scales of the projects vary widely and so do their respective locations.

Expected salary:

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Job date: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 05:05:42 GMT