JobNukkad – Entrepreneur-in-residence (2-6 yrs) – India – Job Nukkad

November 22, 2022

Job Description

Job title: JobNukkad – Entrepreneur-in-residence (2-6 yrs)

Company: Job Nukkad

Job description: Entrepreneur-in-residence (Remote- Only women candidates)

JobNukkad is a start-up that is using technology to solve the blue-collar recruitment problem that is broken for both the stakeholders: employers and employees. We have helped more than 5,000 under-privileged women find jobs of their choice. We are present in multiple cities and have been running our start-up in a profitable manner.

We are looking for an entrepreneur-in-residence to join us who can help the company grow to the next level. The candidate will work closely with the CEO, Komal Jain, to do whatever it takes to realise the true potential of the company. The role is very broad and dynamic, just how an entrepreneur’s job is.


1. Previous Start-up experience is a must. It should preferably be in a role where you were involved in growing a vertical/product or generally growth of the company.

2. Qualification: Does not matter. Growth mindset along with motivation is what is required.

Broad responsibilities:

1. Marketing: Storytelling, Performance marketing, SEO, community engagement

2. Product: Improvement in UI / UX, pricing strategy, new assets development

3. Operations: Process improvements and scalability

4. Strategy: New projects, new geographies, new revenue streams

It is hard to find someone who has done all of this? That’s ok. We can help. And if you would like to learn and implement, we would love that. This is the best part of this job

Expected salary:

Location: India

Job date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 05:07:39 GMT